One of the most enticing areas of the current professional world is precisely the one that refers to creativity in the media, especially in the world of film. However, it is difficult to stand out in it and one must have immense talent to do so.

Currently there are many degrees and universities that offer programs in this regard, in different modalities, for different budgets and much more accessible than the great institutions that have taught the art of filmmaking for generations.

Withstanding all the above, at the end there is only one thing that can lead to success in the world of animation filmmaking, no matter which studies you may have or from which university you graduate from, and that is talent.

That is how some have talent for the art of filmmaking and some do not, and the thing is that currently there is great access to many tools to create and generate material, so we can no longer say that it the difficulty lies in having access to the great film studios or even to cameras or computers, because currently there is everything accessible to everyone.

And in this sense, I would like to talk to you about the case of Olmo Cuarón, son of the great Alfonso Cuarón, who comes from a family with notable talent as it is, but now he is standing out with his own creations in the field of animation.

Olmo is only 17 years old, but he shows us in his YouTube channel his first steps towards a successful career in animation soon. He has also shown that he is exceptionally good in music and has a very peculiar sense of humour.

In upcoming years, we will surely see the name of Olmo in some film produced by one of the most important film studios around.

This comes to shows that it is not necessary to have a consolidated career or have a degree in this area when there is talent and a will to stand out in filmmaking. Of course, Olmo will surely have to study a degree related to this field so that his creations gradually become more professional.

Here is the link to his YouTube channel so you can look at his creations.