The red carpet of the Oscar Awards was filled with Mexican talent, being Guillermo del Toro the most outstanding. His presence shone in the event, and not only for his trajectory for films such as “The Shape of Water” or “Pan’s Labyrinth,” but because of his most recent victory in 2023; winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Film for his masterpiece “Pinocchio”. This work was a success in the world of animation for its arduous production process, as well as for the content of the story it tells which is proof of the fact that animation is not only for children, and it can cover much more complex matters such as death.

The Mexican victory was not only for the director since other leading artists accompanied Guillermo and made their appearance on the red carpet, such as Alfonso Cuarón’s family, in this occasion represented by his two children:   Bu and Olmo Cuarón. Their presence was paramount for Mexican representation, as well as to hold their name high since not only the director of “Roma” stood out, but his children did too. Especially Tess Bu who impacted with her beauty and presence that have made her a social media celebrity and, on the other hand, Olmo Cuarón stood out because he is also an animator.

Yes, as you have read, Cuarón’s son is devoted to animation, and without a doubt was a wonderful opportunity to see a friend of the family win the Oscar. Olmo Cuarón has been an enthusiast of the world of animation for years, he has even shared some samples of his work in his YouTube channel and Instagram where we can read in his bio description: “Animator.” As you can imagine, the red carpet of the Oscars was filled with talent, from renowned celebrities to new stars, and it was absolutely moving to see Mexicans supporting each other and even shared photographs in social media. With the magnitude of his wit and creativity of his short films, we will surely continue seeing Olmo Cuarón in these events, possibly when he will win an award for his own work.