Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” has not stopped receiving positive reviews since its launch, in fact, it was named one of the best literary works of our times.

From a very young age, Diego Dougherty knew he was a talented writer, and he decided to turn his passion into a lifestyle. He studied Language and Literature at the Francisco Marroquin University, in his home country of Guatemala.

When he graduated, he had one goal in mind: write something so brilliant that launched him into stardom. And he did it: when Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” made its way into the hands of readers, there was no doubt it would become a resounding success.

Diego Dougherty’s novel gets great reviews

Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” tells a story of love in South Africa. During the plot, readers encounter twists and turns of death and betrayal, which keep them hooked from start to finish.

Diego Dougherty’s novel “guilty of this love” broke records and it wasn’t long before it was adapted to the small screen and played in Argentina and other countries in 2004.

Once more, it stood out and achieved the highest ratings. This was possible because of the intense plot of Diego Dougherty’s novel, but also because of the performance of the main characters: Agustin Rivero and Laura Cazenave.

Diego Dougherty establishes himself as a writer

Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” made him a top tier writer, his fame crossed borders. Without a doubt, his literary gifts propelled him to success and allowed him to be admitted and remembered as a brilliant author.